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Parinee Ism: Floating Infinity Pool Real Estate Project in Mumbai

By Michelle on August 6, 2012 / Real Estate

The Parinee Ism is one of the most unique, ultimate luxury real estate projects designed for the super-rich in Mumbai, India. Designed by James Law of James Law Cybertecture International based out of Hong Kong, the Parinee Ism is planned to be a 460-foot, luxury residential skyscraper. The design was inspired by the ripple effect made by water droplets, and may be conceived to be a representation of the symbol Ohm (Ω). The most extraordinary, yet controversial feature is that each apartment in the the Parinee Ism will be fully equipped with a private infinity pool on each of its residents balconies. Although, due to the high altitudes and small size, the private pools may not be well suited for avid swimmers or horseplay.

The complex will be approximately 30 stories tall, complete with a vortex-like clubhouse in the center of the building. Aside from the stunning architecture, The Parinee Ism will provide brilliant scenic views, and an ultra-lavish living environment for its residents. Would you consider buying one of these apartments with your very own pool in the sky (of course, if your funds permitted), or do you think this idea is a little too extreme, and even somewhat dangerous?

2 Responses to “Parinee Ism: Floating Infinity Pool Real Estate Project in Mumbai”

  1. Iamarealtor1 says:

    Hell, Ya!!

  2. Jbloggs says:

    Are you kidding?? With indians building it how can you trust the quality of the construction. I’m pretty sure 50% of material cost will go into someone’s pocket and with it the quality of materials used, from personal experience. I would certainly not risk my neck in a building like that in a country like India.

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