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Would You Live in One of These 3 Haunted Houses Listed for Sale?

By Michelle on October 31, 2012 / Blog, Sellers

Apparently, many home buyers aren’t so spooked by haunted houses. 32 percent of potential home buyers said they would be willing to purchase a home that is known to be haunted, according to a new survey. Although they may be willing.. Read More



3 New Features for Facebook Real Estate Business Pages

By Michelle on June 26, 2012 / Blog, News

Once Facebook launched Timeline for business pages, many real estate agents were unprepared, or even slightly intimidated by all the added features. But the benefits of Timeline and the new features for your real estate business far outweighs the small.. Read More



Antiquated Case-Shiller Price Index Vs. Innovative Real-Time Showings Data and Forecasting

By Michelle on May 25, 2012 / Blog, Real Estate

Retailers have known for years that a predictable model of retail sales is to examine foot traffic at their retail locations. If retail foot traffic is increasing, then retail sales will follow and vice-versa. Nowhere is this logic also more.. Read More



United States Southeast Region Showings Vs. Sales

By Michelle on May 17, 2012 / Blog, Real Estate

There are five major “belts” in the United States made up of distinct states. The Stroke Belt, primarily southeastern states, consists of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, and Arkansas. How do real estate.. Read More