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4 Traits of a Top Producer

By Brianna Collier on July 29, 2015 / Blog

  Some people just walk in the light. I’m sure you know which light I’m talking about – the “everything they do seems to turn out great” light. This are rare – few can claim they all of a sudden.. Read More



Our Favorite DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Its a fact, homes that look nice sell faster and for higher prices. When a home has been lived in for any length of time, its inevitable that some damage and wear has occurred. It may be a few minor.. Read More



Open House Ideas That Even Pinterest Would Approve Of

By Brianna Collier on April 28, 2015 / Blog

What’s a great way to drive traffic through a listing? Showings, good marketing, and of course open houses. Home buyers that are on the prowl for the “best of the best” have probably been to a few open houses already… Read More



Taking Advantage of Your Home Listings – Networking for Real Estate

By Brianna Collier on February 11, 2015 / Blog, Instructional, Real Estate

Networking – it can be a tricky part of your job. What exactly does networking mean? Literally, networking means to “interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.” In real estate, its all about who.. Read More



4 Reasons Why Dating is Like Selling a House – Real Estate Marketing

By Brianna Collier on January 14, 2015 / Blog, Real Estate, Sellers

Showing your property is a lot like looking for a spouse – nobody is sold by just seeing a few pictures. How you present yourself matters. Real estate marketing takes time and effort. You want the first impression to be.. Read More

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