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January 2011 vs January 2012: Home Real Estate Showings up by 9%

By Michelle on March 2, 2012 / Real Estate

The amount of times a real estate agent shows a listing could potentially lead to a listing selling faster. We have compiled data of January’s real estate showings from the past five years that may show trends in the housing market.

Home showings for January 2012 are at a steady upwards trend compared to January 2011. In January 2011, each home listed for sale in the United States had an average of 4.30 home showings for the month, while in January 2012, each home had an average of 4.67 home showings. That makes for a total of 9% increase in home real estate showings for the month of January 2012.

The amount of home showings in January of 2012 was at an all time high compared to January home showings statistics for the last five years. In January 2008, the amount of home showings plummeted over 31% compared to the amount of home showings in January 2007, resulting in an all time low for the last five years. Since the downfall in January 2008, home showings per listing have been increasing at a steady pace.

One interesting thing about the January home real estate showings from 2008-2012 is that agents are typically showing more listings on the higher end of the price spectrum. Homes priced at $200,000 and higher are seeing an average of 16% more showings than homes priced below $200,000. But in January of 2007, agents were 37% more likely to show a home priced below $200,000.

Since the housing market downfall in late 2007, could this be a sign of better times ahead for the United States housing market?

How do you think the amount of showings affects the sale of your listings? Do you find if you show a listing more that it will sell faster? Tell us what you think!

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