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Alan Shafran

Times may be tough, but there’s no stopping you from reaching your true potential as a top producer. And the best way to be a top producer, is to learn from a top producer.

Alan Shafran has continuously sold over 100 homes per year and is consistently in the top 1% of the nation’s real estate professionals.  In his new book, Blueprint for 100 Deals, Alan is revealing the real estate sales strategies that have helped him succeed in selling over 100 homes and earning more than $1 million every year, even during the most volatile market conditions.

Blueprint for 100 Deals is the real estate book that provides inside information on real estate technology, marketing, teams, negotiations, and more.

Key Points

  • Real Estate Technology and Systems
  • Marketing Tools
  • Negotiation Concepts
  • Working with Sellers and Buyers
  • Client and Team Communication
  • Building a Top Producing Team
Read about Alan’s top real estate sales strategies and formulas for a successful business throughout the book.  “Key 100″ tips highlight crucial concepts to follow in order to achieve your 100-deal goal, while still having time left for family life – the perfect balance that everyone strives for.Alan Shafran’s success as a top producer is attributed to his use of these exact systems and concepts. Now, get ideas that you can bring to your business too.

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Put the key ideas in this real estate book to work for you.  Start closing 100 deals and reaching $1 million in commissions per year in any market.

Paperback book available from the Blueprint for 100 Deals CreateSpace e-Store, an Amazon affiliated company, or download a digital copy today for your Kindle. *NOOK version now available here!

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