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So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Real Estate Blog…

By admin on January 26, 2010 / Real Estate, Real Estate Agents

Having a real estate blog is a great way for any REALTOR® to generate traffic on their website, climb the search engines, demonstrate their expertise in the real estate business, and build their brand.

Problem is many wonder if they actually have the time to maintain one.

While it’s true that contributing to a real estate blog will require some time, it shouldn’t be too difficult to train yourself to write a blog post in 20 minutes and keep your real estate blog fresh with new content on a regular basis.

Don’t know if you could keep a real estate blog of your own alive?

Remember that your mind is full of valuable information that any buyer or seller would love to have and having it fed through a real estate blog is the easiest way to digest such an abundance of knowledge. If anything, it may be more difficult to decide on what to write rather versus actually writing it.

Just to get the gears turning inside that noggin’, here are some subjects you can cover on your real estate blog:

  • The 411 on current market conditions
  • The highlights of your working area
  • Homes you currently have listed
  • Advice on building home value
  • Different types of loans / mortgages.
  • What to expect when buying a home
  • What to expect when selling a home
  • Local day care centers or schools
  • Nearby dining and shopping hotspots
  • Energy saving tips (go green!)
  • Home owners insurance
  • Local moving companies
  • Testimonials from past clients

…And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are countless topics you can write about to keep visitors craving for more from your real estate blog.

While some agents don’t see the benefits of having their own real estate blog (“I’m an agent, not a writer!”), you can’t help but to see the weight it pulls in terms of building an online presence. You should know how a blog can help in your online real estate marketing efforts. Infact, many agents have mentioned getting clients from their real estate blog.

With all of that in mind, are you ready to start that real estate blog?

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2 Responses to “So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Real Estate Blog…”

  1. Carlos says:

    Some blog owners like me get stuck on what to write. Your suggestions and tips are good ones. Thanks!

  2. Kesa says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Sometimes I have the same problem when it comes to writing articles for our blog. Often times when I do think of things to write about I’m not at a computer, so I’ll just write a little note in my phone to remind myself later. If I really start pumping out some good topic ideas I’ll try to get as many of them down so I can circle back to them later when it’s time to write out the posts.

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